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My Godless Wedding


Since I so enjoyed making that little Atheist’s Creed video, I decided to make another short video.  This time I’m further promoting a positive image of godlessness by posting images and words from my nuptuals.

Prepare to be “awwwww”ed.

One thing you can be sure of, it wasn’t a fairy-tale wedding!

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  1. noblecaboose permalink*
    19/03/2008 3:40 am

    UPDATE! I’ve already had two comments on the video and they’re both positive! I’m bracing myself for someone to take what I intended as a beautiful message about love and devotion as an attack on their deeply held beliefs. I mean, you can’t argue with the statistics: the divorce rate among atheists and agnostics is lower than any other religious group. The HIGHEST divorce rate is among devout Christians. It’s not my fault! It’s just a fact!

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