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I guess Hollywood got something right, for once


The other night I watched American Beauty again for the first time in a long time. Apart from the metaphysical and religious-y overtones *eyeroll*, I still find the movie very beautiful and poignant. However, I mentioned at one point to my husband that I didn’t prescribe to the notion that homophobic men are secretly suppressing their own homosexual desires. It’s too easy. It just always seemed like the kind of petulantly adolescent thing that you’d say to piss off your homophobic uncle.

Well slap my mouth and call me Wrongy McWrong. Today I read about this study in which it is found that self described homophobic men are aroused by homoeroticism and non-homophobic men are not. The homophobes actually get a chubby from watching two dudes get it on. I wouldn’t call the study definitive, but it’s fairly straightforward (pardon the pun) and well designed.

Man, Fred Phelps seriously must be at full salute when he goes on his fag-hating tirades. Ew.

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  1. emmajeans permalink
    17/04/2008 10:19 am

    I heard about this study when I was in year 10 – a friends mum read about it in a medical journal. I guess I always thought it was partially playground speculation/misinformation. 🙂

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