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What good is winter without the holidays?


So, I made this amazing, life changing decision to move from California to Australia to be with the man I love.

I moved in July, sacrificing half of my summer and all of my fall to jump straight into winter. It didn’t really matter that much to me, I like winter.
But now I’m experiencing my second winter down under and a something is really starting to get to me, namely, no holidays.
Winter is the time of year that more people die. It’s depressing and cold and you have to stay inside.
Thanksgiving and Christmas and all those other stupid holidays that I used to bitch about at least broke the cold, dull, aching monotony that is winter. Thanksgiving comes just as you have to start wearing more layers when you go outside. At Christmas, you hang lights all around, eat lots of cookies and candy and drink eggnog. You spend a day with your family eating and drinking and sitting around the fire. New Year’s, you dress up, play music loud and stay up late drinking Champagne and sneaking late night Christmas leftovers. And then there’s Valentine’s Day. Actually, my Valentine’s Days almost always suck, but at least there’s usually chocolate to make me feel better.

What holidays are there in June and July and August here in Australia? Zip. Nada. Nuthin.

It’s cold and blustery and all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey (but if I were in California, I’d be on fire).

I think I understand Christmas a little better now that I’m experiencing a winter without it.

This calls for a big fake Christmas. I’ll call it Wintermas (or just the traditional “Christmas in July”) and I’ll invite friends over for hot buttered rum and roasted chestnuts and maybe a large roast bird of some kind.

  1. 02/07/2008 6:06 am

    I encourage Wintermas foodage.

  2. Alex permalink
    02/07/2008 8:24 am

    Why not call it “Hot buttered rum and roasted chestnuts and maybe a large roast bird of some kind day”? That way the reasons to attend are right there in front of you.
    If we organise this soon I even have lots of nice dark winter beer that needs drinking (if you take too long it won’t need drinking any more 😀 ).

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