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Brain Droppings: 4th of July


Independence Day, or The Fourth of July is a celebration of America’s independence from Britain.

It’s not the day we defeated them, but the day a bunch of sweaty, wigged lawyers got together and declared the Colonies to be an independent nation.

It’s the day with the most flag waving, red, white and blue, patriotic Americana.

And yet…

America, the only country to format its dates thusly: mm/dd/yyyy, commonly calls its most patriotic holiday, dd/mm.

Fourth of July, the only day of the year that Americans format the date like the rest of the world.

Also, yesterday I almost bought a little resin statue at my local Dollar Plus type store that was a Bald Eagle sitting atop the Liberty Bell. I have no idea what it was doing in Australia, but I thought perhaps it was there for my fellow American ex-pats, feeling the Spirit of ’76.


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