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Ears like a teenager…or a dog


Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

I would like to note that I only realised after the test that the sound was not coming out of the computer speakers, but the earbuds sitting on the desk that I had neglected to unplug. I could hear the noise coming from the tiny earbuds, not the actual computer speakers. My hearing is freakishly acute.

Edit: Test #2, earbuds unplugged: sound clearly audible. Feels like a bug is burrowing into my brain. Afterward, I click on a YouTube clip and realise my computer’s volume is on the lowest setting. I raise the volume and decide to try again.

Test #3, volume at 50%: The sound is like a dentist’s drill. It makes my eyes sting and I have to click away almost instantly to keep from getting a pounding headache.

Conclusion: High frequency noises are a horrible torture for me. You know those high frequency thingies people have to keep mosquitos and other pests away? I can hear those. You know that high pitched noise that televisions and monitors give off? I can hear that too. I am a freak. If I enter a business using one of these torture devices I will noisily complain that they are driving away perfectly good customers such as myself, who happen to have better than average hearing for their age.


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