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Hooray! I’ve got an objection!


A while back I created a little wedding video and posted it on YouTube.

I had been disappointed at the lack of angry or confused Xians telling me I was immoral or whatever, and now I’ve finally got one! He’s posted twice, even! And he uses bad logic and false facts to support his ridiculous conclusions! He seriously made my morning.

Of course, I didn’t make the video to upset anyone and I’m grateful to the people who have been supportive with their comments, which are lovely. But I’m glad to have stirred someone up enough to say something completely ignorant and narrow-minded. I hope some other commenter (preferrably a fellow Xian) will put him in his place about what a ‘tard he is.

I especially like the bit about it being ‘naturally impossible to produce offspring from such a union.’ Ha, ha! Have I got news for him!

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  1. emmajeans permalink
    27/03/2009 12:39 pm

    I think the offspring part was about homosexual “union”s (his punctuation).

    Even so, he raises a good point: I’m frankly surprised that god would allow atheists to reproduce.

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