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SheThought: Church for People Who Don’t Want to Fake It


Yay! I am officially a contributor to SheThought!

I wrote my very first article about the inaugural meeting of Atheists for Communion and Social Action:

Church for People Who Don’t Want to Fake It.

Skepticism and atheism are great for stimulating the mind, for getting into debates and getting fired up. But what about our positive goals? And what about stimulating our ‘hearts’? What about those of us who need something to satisfy our emotional, or, for lack of a better word, ‘spiritual’ side?  What I basically wanted was something to fill the space in my life where church used to live.

For some, religion was a bad thing so it was easy to let go of it. For others of us, we sat in the pew for years thinking, “Everybody else can’t possibly believe this crap, can they?” but too afraid of losing that community to say it out loud. When we finally couldn’t stand to lie anymore, we found ourselves among people for whom “church” is a dirty word and we were silent about our need for connection. Some of us have found a way to have it both ways: Atheists for Communion and Social Action.

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