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This is my sandbox, therefore I make the rules.

Aside from the usual netiquette, I ask commenters to abide by some simple guidelines for posting comments to my blog.

1.) Keep it civil. – You know what this means.

2.) Keep it relevant. – Tangents are cool, but leaps into unrelated topics are distracting. Write your own blog.

3.) No bullying. – Do not harrass, attack, threaten or post links which attack or attempt to discredit me or other commenters.

4.) No mansplaining. – If I’m wrong about something, cool. If you have a different opinon, cool. But don’t explain things to me like I’m an idiot, using patronising language or accuse me of ‘being emotional’ or a ‘drama queen.’ Oh and if you quote the dictionary, that is grounds for immediate comment deletion. I have a dictionary. I don’t need a mantionary. Dictionaries fail to capture common usage and context, so you aren’t proving anything to anyone.

5.) Limit your links. – If you have a website, and wish to link to it, do so in the ‘website’ space under your name or link to the relevant section, in your comment. ONCE PER THREAD. If you link to your site more than once, unless it is contextually relevant, your comment will be removed.

Furthermore, I reserve the right to delete any comments and I reserve the right to call you out if you violate my rules. I may or may not give you warning and I also reserve the right to change the rules at any time and enforce them as I see fit.

Like I said, it’s my sandbox, therefore, I make the rules.

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